Lead Generation for Consultants with LeadFlip

Consultancy Lead Generation

Using Power Of Chatbots

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Whether you are an freelancer or a consultancy company, if you have a website or Facebook Page you could start generating leads without any hassle.

Automated chatbots will ask the right questions to your visitor and try to collect necessary information you to give quote or even get the deal immediately.


CRM Integration

After each conversation all conversation details can be e-mailed to you or they can be stored directly in your CRM as new leads.

We are already integrated with some CRM tools, but also have a simple WebHook to let you build your custom integration for your custom software. If you like, we could also help you for integration.


Lead Scoring for Consultancy

We have a well trained lead scoring algorithm optimized for consultants, which helps you to identify high quality leads.

Don't loose time on low quality leads and get in contact with your possible customers as soon as possible.


Human - Bot Hybrid Support

You don't have to be online all the time. Let your bots do their job 7/24.

If there is a human need appears, system will notify you to take over and if you are not available get the contact information of visitor to let you return later.

You can take over conversations at any time.


Optimized Conversation Template

We have checked lots of consultancy scenarios and optimized the conversation flow for your customers needs already.

All you need is to edit a few questions according to your services and that's all.

You can get ready & live on your Web Page & Facebook Business Page in 15 minutes and start generating leads.

Let's get you started

Start generating consultancy leads with chatbots