LeadFlip Sendloop Integration

LeadFlip Sendloop Integration

Powerful Email Marketing With Sendloop & Chatbots

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Create email lists from your chatbot visitors

Everyday hundreds, thousands of potential customers visit your website.

Rather than having an old-fashioned form, let your chatbot talk to your users, get information so you can convert them into customers!

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Smart Email Marketing & Marketing Automation Service

With Sendloop you can creating beautiful emails and automate your email marketing in minutes - even if you have zero technical skills..

Now with LeadFlip it is really easy to collect email address of your visitors and add them into Sendloop subscriber lists.


Easy to use pre designed templates for your business

We have selected best scenarios for different business types and prepared template bots.

Just select your template and email list on Sendloop, we take care of rest.


Hybrid Support

Pause the chatbot and let your live agents take over a conversation any time or on specific cases. You create a "Send to Live Agent" action over our interface and your agent will be notified when a new lead gets to that point in the conversation. We will also present event bit of information extracted from previous conversations.

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Easy to Deploy

You can deploy your lead generating chatbots to you Web Site & Facebook Business Page in 15 minutes and start generating leads immediately.

We offer fully customisable pop-up and embed widgets that will look and feel like a natural part of your website.

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